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Buyers rebate paid in escrow?

This is a question we get asked frequently.  Can we pay you your rebate in escrow instead of sending you a check after closing? Yes, we can!  We don’t mind doing this at all, but there are certain possible complications that may arise. The first complication is usually not a big issue but is worth mentioning.  Some traditional real estate agents are worried about the fact that we are...
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Buyer Rebates Real Estate Perfection

When you use Intelligent Buyer’s real estate services, you are ahead of the game before you even get to the negotiating table. So, if you use to buy a $600,000 house: You pay: $589,200 The seller receives: $600,000 Intelligent Buyer keeps: $7,200 If you use a traditional real estate agent: You pay $600,000 The seller receives: $582,000 The traditional agent keeps: $18,000...
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Home Buyer Rebate

The term “home buyer rebate” is being used a lot lately and it has a few possible meanings. A home buyer rebate is what we offer here at It is when a real estate buyer’s agent shares his commission with his client. We at offer the complete array of real estate services to help our clients buy their homes or investment properties. We then give up to 66%...
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