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Let me start by apologizing for the downtime we experienced at the end of this month. has been up and running since June of 2008.  During this time, we have never had any significant downtime until this month.  As you may have noticed in April, we upgraded our website.  With the new/improved website came a lot more traffic that our old server just wasn’t prepared to deal with.  We went from about 2k web visitors in March to about 15k+ in May causing our old server to crash multiple times over the first week of this month.  If you tried to visit our website during this time, or if you tried send us emails during this time, you may have experienced this.   Again I apologize, we should have been better prepared, we learned our lesson.

The good news is obviously that the increase in traffic also caused a significant increase in Intelligent Buyers requesting our services. The second part of the good news is that we upgraded to a new high end server that should keep us from having the same issue.

Thank you to our loyal visitors, and all of our Intelligent Buyers.  We look forward to improving our services over the next couple of months.


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